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About Us

We work directly with your organization to enhance protective clothing programs

FRCpros works directly with your organization’s operations, safety and purchasing departments to review your current protective clothing program to identify any inefficiencies in your safety specification or supply chain based on fabric, garment manufacturer and procurement method. We will meet with all administrative parties involved with the protective apparel program which should include representatives from Safety, Operations, Procurement, and any other personnel you determine should be included to discuss all the current problems or issues your company may be having now and possible issues that also exist but haven’t yet been identified. Typically the next action would be an in-depth review of your organization’s overall current program including possible multiple site visits to identify and confirm the correct currently specified garments are actually being used and identify any other problems that may exist. We would also perform a complete review of your current safety specifications relating to protective apparel to ensure compliance of all applicable laws and industry standards pertaining to your hazards. We have found on many occasions corporate safety specifications that are not current will prohibit the use of many of the newer fabric technologies which could provide your employees more protection and greater comfort. To learn more about the process to move into a quality FR/AR clothing program and how FRCpros can benefit your company, please go to our contact us page.

We work only for you and with your company’s best interest in mind

We have found that energy and utility companies who require their employees to wear FR/AR clothing typically receive the information they base their protective apparel program specifications and purchasing decisions on directly from the manufacturers of the FR/AR fabrics, garment manufacturers, industrial laundry companies or distributors, all of whom have a strong bias toward their own product. Most of these suppliers employ “technical experts” who are salespeople whose livelihood is based solely on selling your company their particular brand of product or service, and all companies market their products heavily biased toward their own technology and vendor partnerships. These salespeople will certainly never mention any deficiencies their own company may have, nor will they openly discuss issues or problems regarding their suppliers further up the supply chain.

With the whole FR/AR clothing supply chain beholden to each other through their own vendor/supplier relationships, how can you ever get the straight facts in a non-biased manner? There are so many choices today of FR/AR fabrics, garment manufacturers, laundry services, and distributors the whole process can become very confusing. There are also so many different ways an organization can procure FR/AR clothing and many different distribution methods available for receiving and managing a protective clothing program. In addition, most large industrial laundry companies and some of the larger distributors offer their own manufactured and/or contract produced brands of FR/AR clothing as well as offering the larger branded manufacturer’s garments such as Bulwark, Workrite or Carhartt.

With 20+ years working as a technical expert for multiple FR/AR garment manufacturers and by working closely with all the major fabric mills, industrial laundries, and distributors, FRCpros can guide your organization through this entire process to ensure that your FR/AR clothing program meets all applicable laws and industry safety standards and brings you the greatest value and service levels possible. Your organization can experience cost reductions in your protective apparel spend by increasing service levels and efficiencies in your FR/AR clothing program.

Let our experience and knowledge work for you

Tim Jones has over 20 years of experience in the Flame Resistant/Arc Rated clothing industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. Tim and his network of industry professionals with expertise in every segment along the FR/AR clothing supply chain can deliver the results your organization demands to protect the safety of your employees as well as your bottom line program budget.

FRCpros also offers services to help your organization with: RFQ writing and assistance, FRC/ARC program audits and reviews, assurance of proper garments per hazards, benchmark of program in comparison of other like organizations, educational safety programs and presentations, product testing to industry standards and wear life expectations, technical expertise on all FRC/ARC standards, products, and services, program guidance and implementation, and we offer an Industry specific supply chain grading scale, all to help determine the best protective apparel program possible. With our assistance, your Operations, Safety, and Procurement departments are much better equipped to design, implement and maintain your program with the highest level of service possible. Most importantly, FRCpros will help direct you through this process to insure that your organization does not fall into a lengthy term contact providing virtually no service levels and many hidden fees and charges. FRCpros knows through experience what type of programs work and what doesn’t!